Maria Fernanda is a student from New York City

When you get to study with the master Esther Ponce you won’t be the same anymore!

In this ocasión is a student from New York. María Fernanda studied already flamenco for three years with local teachers and she never misses any flamenco workshops from Spanish teachers who travel to NY. She definitely had in Valencia one of her best experiences!.

Our student from New York studied an intensive technique flamenco stylized workshop and she is coming back to NY totally renovated.

We’ve been working on Solea por bulerías compás and his scents on tiempo y contratiempo.
The famous “ contratiempo what is so difficult for students! And one more time I realize about the importance of flamenco musical ear.

Maria Fernanda plays the piano and still has a hard time understanding the setback.
But now after the intensive workshop her ear is beginning to tune and learning to separate the begging and the end of each other musical compás. This is very important if the student wants to work on a flamenco choreography.


One more time, I find a flamenco student who does dirty footwork because she drags her feet on the floor; which prevents a clean and musical sound.

Now she is aware of and will use it for her flamenco lessons.

We studied the sincopa sound coming from double footwork. She had no problem with that.

She learned how to coordinate wrist and hands for a better and personal flamenco arms (braceo). How to grab the skirt correctly to be ready for warm up feet.

María Fernanda already knows how to make the mother of flamenco turn “Passé flamenco”.

She now and for the first time has learned the correct body position that comes from ballet. We will continue working on that hopefully in NY City.

Dear students, from NY City M. Fernanda enjoying our flamenco toast at “ Mi Torito”.