Revive and revolutionize Flamenco in the city, create their own school for 4 years by receiving students from all over California, Funda, choreography, produce and direct The First Annual Los Angeles Flamenco Festival, bureaucratically sponsored by The Consul General of Spain D José Luis Dicenta Ballester, who does not hesitate to acknowledge publicly in society and in writing, the importance of the artist in the United States, as well as his successor Don Inocencio Arias, who receives recognition at his residence in Los Angeles for being the only Spanish artist in broadcasting his show “Flamenco Dreams” on North American cultural TV.

Share world scenarios as the first dancer and guest artist with figures such as Alfredo Kraus, Joaquín Cortés, Diego el Cigala, Raphael, Rocio Jurado, Concha Velasco, Antonio Banderas, Tuesday and thirteen and a long etcetera.

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