Stylized Flamenco

Stylized Flamenco is a way to describe myself. After 30 years of professional career I have come to the conclusion that my way of feeling and expressing the dance is called STYLIZED FLAMENCO

Inspiration could not come without the essence of Paco de Lucia’s guitar and Camaron de la Isla singing, as well as Mikhail Barishnikov’s overflowing technique or the sublime Manuela Vargas as Musa of the dance of character.

The refined technique of the flamenco movements, of the percussion as a musicality with the marked accents of the feet and their zapateados, together with the base of the classical ballet, which will give us the right balance to find our center, knowing how to develop in some large dimensions and fill a space in a different scenario each time.

The Stylized Flamenco is created. Demanding a high technical level, a lot of discipline and professionalism.