Experimental Flamenco

Experimental Flamenco has born following the excellent friendship that Esther Ponce maintains with some of her ancient students from around the world. Los Angeles, Miami, Moscow, Paris, New York, are just a small example of the cities demanding update teaching lessons.

Valencia, the third largest Spanish city with its fantastic editerranean atmosphere is the chosen city where Esther Ponce is developing this new concept of “Experimental Flamenco”. She offers the Flamenco foreign student a new concept of learning or improving his/her dancing skills. It includes a visit to our Art Center (CAFE) and enjoy a day in an intensive seminar that includes:

  • 2 hours of private and personalized flamenco technique from Madrid school.
  • Watching and learning about the paintings of famous painter and former director of the contemporary museum of Madrid, Mr. Julio Prieto Nespereira.
  • Graphical conference about the history and evolutions of Flamenco; Active participation of the student will take place.
  • Appetizers with excellent Spanish wine, local cheese and famous Spanish ham.
  • To finish will taste the famous Valencian “Paella del Senyoret” ( The Paella of lords) made with fresh seafood delicately prepared with organic products and our secret recipe.

Extra activities:

  • Visiting the process of making “Horchata” a unique local beverage
  • Visiting the manufacturing process of the “ Abanico”(cloth fan)
  • A guided tour in local boats of natural park “Albufera”
  • A guided tour of Museum of “Las Fallas”
  • We can organize the best Beach “Pool Flamenco Party” that you will never forget